Software tester training: this is what you will be learning

There is a huge range of training courses nowadays. But what exactly does a software tester training entail? What can you do with the training and when can you start it? We answer these and more questions for you in this blog!

schedule 27 juli 2022
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What does a software tester do?

A software tester is responsible for testing and quality assurance of software products. The main task is to find bugs or errors in software before it is released to customers. To do this, you perform test cases on the software and report any bugs or errors to the development team.

What are the training opportunities?

The profession of software tester has been around for longer than a day. Yet there is (still) no college or university education that turns willing students into professional software testers. A university education or a study at a college is therefore out of the question.

Test training

Fortunately, there are other possibilities. There are several software tester training programs available for people who want to become professional software testers. Examples are TMap® Suite Test Engineer, TPI NEXT® Foundation and TMAP®: Quality for cross- functional teams, which are offered by Testlearning. After following such an e-learning you are familiar with the principles of software testing and you can start working on the EXIN exam! After passing this exam you'll receive a TMap certificate or TPI certificate and you will have a strong advantage on the labor market.

What does the software tester course entail?

At Testlearning you can follow three E-learning trainings that will make you a software tester! During the trainings you learn all ins and outs of the profession. We offer the following three E-learnings:

TPI NEXT ® Foundation

The E-learning TPI NEXT® Foundation course teaches you about the TPI NEXT® model and how to apply it. You will learn the following during this tester training:

  • The structure and background of TPI NEXT®;
  • The improvement steps of TPI NEXT®;
  • TPI NEXT® in different environments;
  • Applying TPI NEXT® in your own practice.

Want to know more? Learn how to prepare for the TPI NEXT® Foundation exam here.

TMap® Suite Test Engineer

During the E-learning modules for TMap® Suite Test Engineer the full exam material of the widely recognized EXIN exam is covered. Through animations, practice questions and assignments for testing you will be trained. After completing this training program, you will be able to specify tests and apply the coverage forms and testing techniques.

TMap® Quality for cross-functional teams

This training course combines the insights from the book "Quality for DevOps teams" and the TMAP body-of-knowledge at Topics covered in this e-learning include:

  • The VOICE model for achieving business value through IT delivery;
  • IT delivery models, in particular DevOps;
  • Cross-functional teams and continuous quality engineering;
  • The ' whole-team' approach and relevance to Dev and Ops people.

What positions are available after completing the course?

There are several positions available in the work field for software testers. The most common position is that of Junior Tester. After a few years of experience, you can advance to the position of Senior Tester or Lead Tester. If you have management experience, you can even become a Test Manager. You can also work for many types of companies, including software development companies, IT consulting firms and companies that develop and market software products.

What prior education is required to take the course?

No specific prior education is required to take a software tester training course. However, if you have experience in the IT sector, it is definitely an advantage. TPI NEXT ® Foundation and TMap® Suite Test Engineer are of interest and added value to anyone involved in and/or responsible for structuring and improving the testing process. The TMap® Quality for cross-functional teams is mainly suitable for people who work in teams where excellent performance is central.

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Why become a software tester?

If you want to start a career in software testing, it's essential that you get training. Our training courses give you the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful software tester. With the skills, you can begin a rewarding career in this fast-growing industry. Don't wait, enroll in a course today!

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