Training courses

Test courses at Testlearning

Our test courses have been developed in collaboration with Sogeti (part of the Capgemini group). Starting, but also advanced participants working in the field of testing receive theoretical support. What has been learned is applied in practice, so that the training contributes to the improved end result: “Test & Improve!”

TMap® Suite Test Engineer and TPI NEXT®

The e-learning TMap® Suite Test Engineer and TPI NEXT® courses provide excellent theoretical knowledge that gives support within the field of testing. We offer these courses in our digital learning environment. This is an excellent and user-friendly way to take these courses. You follow the theory at your own pace on the internet via your laptop or tablet. At home on the couch, during lunch or just for a change from work!

Follow the e-learning Tmap® Suite Test Engineer. During this training you will learn how to test software in a structured, effective and efficient way using TMap® Suite.

Connect testing to the company's goals with the help of the TPI Next® Foundation e-learning. As a result, you'll ensure cost savings, faster time-to-market or quality improvement.

The global developments in the field of IT are moving fast. Individuals and teams are expected to work fast and deliver quality. TMAP® supports this new way of working towards built-in quality that goes beyond testing.