Retraining to become a software tester: why and how?

Are you considering a career switch? Then retraining to become a software tester is a great choice! After all, with today's digitalisation, software testers are essential and increasingly in demand. In this blog, you will read why becoming a software tester is a good choice and how to do it!

schedule 23 aug 2023
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What does a software tester actually do?

As a software tester, you guarantee the quality of software products. You first analyse the software requirements, then draw up test plans and perform various tests to check all functions. In doing so, you detect errors and report them to the developers. You use various testing tools and work together with the development team to ensure that all problems are fixed. Your ultimate goal? Ensuring the end user has a flawless software experience!

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Why retrain as a software tester?

So, are you considering a career switch to the world of software testing? Here are some reasons why this move could be perfect for you:

  • Always in demand: The world desperately needs software testers. With daily launches of apps and digital tools, you are important to keep them running smoothly.
  • Make good money: Besides an attractive starting salary, additional specialisations offer the chance of even better earnings.
  • Keep learning: In the IT world, you never stand still. New tools and techniques are waiting to be discovered by you.
  • Advancement opportunities: Start as a novice tester and move up to roles such as test analyst or even test manager. The sky is the limit!
  • Needed everywhere: The skills you gain as a software tester can be applied in numerous sectors. From healthcare to finance, testers are needed everywhere.
  • Full of challenges: If you enjoy solving problems, as a software tester you will be challenged every day.
  • Make an impact: As a software tester, you ensure that apps and programmes work flawlessly. Imagine how many people you help with that!
  • No coding wizard required: Don't worry if you can't program. Software testing is often more about analytical insight and attention to detail. Besides, you can learn anything!
  • Collaborate: You will work with various teams, from developers to product managers. This helps you see and understand software development from different angles.

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Do you have what it takes?

To become a software tester, it is important that you are analytical. You need to be able to look at software in detail, understand how it should work and identify potential problems. Technical skills and knowledge of programming is also useful, of course! But don't have that? Then that's not a problem. Because you can just learn that.

In addition, are you good at communicating and do you like working in a team? These are exactly the qualities companies look for in software testers.

What is also very important is an eager to learn; the tech world changes quickly, so keep educating yourself continuously. With these elements, you will be ready for a career in software testing!

And how can you retrain to become a software tester?

If you want to become a software tester, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Build IT knowledge: If you don't yet have an IT background, you can start by reading about software development. This will help you better understand the world of software testing.
  • Opt for specialised training: Sign up for specific software testing training courses. At Testlearning, we offer e-learnings you can take anywhere on methodologies such as TMap and TPI, which are essential for testers.
  • Hands-on experience: You might consider an internship or traineeship with a software company. Nothing beats hands-on experience!
  • Networking: Join local or online groups of software testers. By networking, you can make valuable contacts and maybe even find a job.
  • Stay informed: The world of software testing is constantly changing. Subscribe to relevant blogs, newsletters and attend workshops to always stay up-to-date.

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Testlearning helps you retrain as a software tester

Retraining as a software tester can provide a career with countless opportunities in our rapidly digitising world. It is a role that offers the opportunity to make an impact, continuously develop yourself and work with diverse teams. And whether you are already technically savvy or starting from scratch, with the right attitude and training - such as Testlearning's e-learnings - you will stand strong in the IT world. Are you considering the switch? With Testlearning, you'll take a strong step towards your new future as a software tester!

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