What does a software tester do?

We live in a digital world where technology is constantly evolving. It is important therefore that software and associated processes that are created are also being tested. That's where software testers come in. They are responsible for finding errors in software and reporting them to developers so they can be fixed. But what exactly does that entail? In this blog, we'll tell you what the work of a software tester is and more!

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What do you do as a software tester?

The work of a software tester is varied. It is therefore a challenging job, where precision and accuracy are required. After all, software testing must be done accurately. You can imagine that superficially looking at software does not lead to high quality, so a software tester performs different types of tests on the programmed software.

What work is involved?

As a software tester, you work closely with programmers. That makes sense, since you examine and test the product they deliver. That may sound simple, but it doesn't stop there. A professional software tester needs all kinds of skills to test different types of software for errors and functionality. The skills needed are broad; from creating a test plan to recording the results. As a tester, you will write the tests, possibly automate a test and, for example, be concerned with optimizing the testing processes. The recognized methods of TMAP or TPI are often leading.

Goals of a software test

Software testing has - in general - two goals:

  1. Detecting errors;
  2. Optimizing functionality.

Detecting errors (1)

Software is written by a programmer. And where people work, errors are made. Even a professional application developer who has been doing the job for years is bound to make a mistake from time to time. That's not a problem, as long as it is discovered by the software tester. The software tester's job is to uncover any errors in the software. The result? Error-free software!

Testing the correct functionality (2)

Functionality testing is another important aspect of the profession of software tester. An application developer or software programmer creates something with a specific purpose. In other words, the software must meet a certain standard. The functionalities must be reflected in the software and it must work properly. For this reason, a software tester also tests the functionalities of the software. This prevents the software from not meeting the requirements!

How important is a software tester?

Very important. The work of a software tester is very important for programmers or application developers. A software tester tests the written and designed software and is crucial in the activities of a software programmer. A smart company never releases a programmer's work without it being subjected to a test performed by a skilled software tester. So you guessed it: a software tester is essential in this process!

What does a software tester earn?

You might wonder what a software tester's salary is. According to the National Professions Guide, in the Netherlands you earn between € 2.000 and € 2.500 per month as a junior software tester. When you have more experience and grow in your position to become a software tester or even a senior software tester, this can grow to around € 3.500 per month.

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