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Improve your software testing skills with our free e-learning preview

In today's technological world, software is all around you - from smartphones and laptops to complex systems in cars and infrastructure. This software all needs to work properly, of course, and that's where you as a software tester are hugely important. To make sure there are enough qualified software testers and to share our passion for quality software with you, we are excited to offer a free preview of an e-learning!

For who is the free preview?

This free preview of the e-learning TMap Quality for cross-functional teams is intended for anyone interested in improving their software testing skills. So the e-learning is for anyone working, or wanting to work, in software testing and want to learn methods to test in a structured way.

We like to help you by making knowledge accessible and hope this free preview gives you a good impression of what our e-learning looks like. Let it help you on your way to success in the world of software testing!

Discover our e-learning platform

  • Access the e-learning platform using the app on your phone or a computer
  • You automatically see where you left off last time
  • Add notes and highlights and find them easily
  • Practice the theory during and/or at the end of every chapter with test questions
  • Receive feedback per question
  • Are you stuck? Chat with your trainer
  • Finish with a practice exam, to prepare for the official exam
  • Did you pass the practice exam? Then you will receive a certificate

Our e-learning courses for testing

Follow the e-learning Tmap® Suite Test Engineer. During this training you will learn how to test software in a structured, effective and efficient way using TMap® Suite.

Connect testing to the company's goals with the help of the TPI Next® Foundation e-learning. As a result, you'll ensure cost savings, faster time-to-market or quality improvement.

The global developments in the field of IT are moving fast. Individuals and teams are expected to work fast and deliver quality. TMAP® supports this new way of working towards built-in quality that goes beyond testing.

Questions? Get in touch!

Do you have questions about content or testing? Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to help you.

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