Software tester without experience: your path to expertise with Testlearning

Do you like the idea of entering the world of software testing but have no experience? Put those worries aside! Thanks to Testlearning's digital test training courses, we prepare you to become a software tester using the principles of TMap or TPI. In this blog, we tell you how you can do that.

schedule 18 sept 2023
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Why are software testers important?

In today's digital world, software plays a big role. From your smartphone to the fridge, software drives it. And who makes sure this software runs smoothly? The software testers. Without this profession, software would not be tested and have a high risk of crashing or simply not functioning. So a software tester has an essential role!

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What is software testing?

Software testing is the process of checking software for errors (or 'bugs' in technical language) and making sure everything works as it should . You can do this using many different test design techniques. But it is not just technical; it also requires a critical and curious mind. And it is precisely these qualities that make fresh newcomers like you invaluable.

The building blocks of software testing: TMap and TPI

When you think of the building blocks of software testing, TMap and TPI are the cornerstones. While TMap guides you through the complex world of test management, TPI helps you optimise testing processes. They are your compasses in the software world and with Testlearning, application becomes child's play.

How do you become a software tester?

At Testlearning, in collaboration with Sogeti (an integral part of the Capgemini group), we have developed a series of test training courses. These are designed for both beginners without experience and seasoned testers.

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TMap® Suite Test Engineer

Do you dream of structured, effective and efficient software testing? Then the e-learning TMap® Suite Test Engineer is your perfect starting point. This course is designed to introduce you to the finer points of TMap® Suite, taking software testing to the next level.

TPI NEXT® Foundation

Cutting costs, accelerating time-to-market and improving quality - these are essential goals for any software company. With the TPI Next® Foundation e-learning, you will learn how to align your testing activities with these business goals. This not only ensures a stronger end product, but also a clear alignment between the test team and the wider organisation.

TMAP®: Quality for Cross-functional Teams

IT evolves at the speed of light. This requires teams that deliver both speed and quality. The e-learning TMAP®: Quality for Cross-functional Teams is exactly what you need in this fast-changing world. It is not just about testing, but about building quality into every aspect of IT. That way, you will ensure products that not only work well, but also meet the very highest quality standards.

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Why choose our e-learnings?

What sets Testlearning apart from the rest? It is our dedication and personal commitment. We are here to ensure that your introduction to software testing is engaging, understandable and enriching. Each e-learning is carefully crafted, focusing on real-world skills. Moreover, you can take the digital e-learnings whenever and wherever you want!

Practical tips for the starting software tester

To get your start as a software tester right, you can do the following:

  • Join open source projects. It is your playground to experiment and learn.
  • Start networking. With platforms like LinkedIn, meet professionals and build relationships.
  • Always keep learning, because in tech, standing still is going backwards.

Become a software tester with no experience today

Every journey starts with that one, important step. And in software testing, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. With Testlearning as your guide and mentor, the road to expertise is clear and achievable. So, ready to become a software tester? Check out our e-learnings or contact us if you have any questions!

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