The differences between TMAP® Suite Test Engineer vs. TMAP® Quality for cross-functional teams

Want to follow one of our test training courses but are you unsure whether to choose TMAP® Suite Test Engineer or TMAP®: Quality for cross- functional teams? TMap Suite is a structured, phase-oriented testing approach and TMap Quality goes hand in hand with DevOps teams and Agile working. In this blog, we'll tell you more about the differences between the two so you know which one suits you best.

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Where do TMap Suite and TMap Quality come from?

TMap (Test Management Approach) was developed in the 1990s by Sogeti. With the increasing complexity of software projects and the greater impact of software in our daily lives, the need for structured testing processes grew. TMap has undergone several revisions to keep in step with new development methods and technologies.

TMAP® Suite Test Engineer

In our TMAP® Suite Test Engineer e-learning, you'll be presented with a structured approach that extends from planning to execution, all neatly phased. You'll also learn about a wide range of testing techniques, so you'll always have the right tools for your specific testing challenges. Good test management? That is essential! So you will learn thorough planning, monitoring and reporting. You also learn about test infrastructure, such as test environments, data and tools. With TMap Suite, you organise your testing efforts intelligently, based on the risks of your project, thanks to risk-based testing.

TMAP®: Quality for cross-functional teams

Imagine: quality assurance is in your project's DNA from the very start of the development cycle. You learn to apply that with this e-learning. Thanks to the cross-functional approach, not only the tester, but everyone in the team contributes to quality. Are you working with Agile or DevOps? No worries, TMap Quality is specifically designed for this and integrates seamlessly. Perhaps the best part is the flexibility; no rigid structures are used, but you learn to create space to mould the framework to your liking. And the end goal? That quality is not added afterwards, but is an integrated part of every piece of software you create from the start.

Comparison between TMap Suite and TMap Quality

TMap Suite is perfect if you are looking for a structured, phase-based testing approach. While TMap Quality is all about quality from the start and goes hand in hand with fast-paced, modern methodologies such as Agile and DevOps.

If you want to see it simply: TMap Suite is your detailed roadmap, while TMap Quality acts as a flexible GPS in the world of IT quality.

How Testlearning can help

Whether you lean towards Suite or Quality, Testlearning is there for you. And the best part? You take our e-learnings whenever and wherever you want.

Check out our e-learning TMAP® Suite Test Engineer and TMAP®: Quality for cross- functional teams here.


Choosing between Suite and Quality is simple once you understand the core differences. If your project is tight and structured, go for Suite. For those in agile and fast-evolving spaces, Quality is your go-to. And whether you are just starting out in testing or have been in the field for years, Testlearning will make your testing adventure a breeze. Still in doubt? Contact us for personal advice!

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