DevOps teams to test and implement software faster

Software testers are indispensable. After all, how can an organization implement good software without proper testing? That calls for mistakes. But organizations want to have their software implemented yesterday, and that means today's software testers have to do everything tremendously fast. That's where DevOps teams come in handy. But what is a DevOps team and why is it of interest to you as a software tester? We'll tell you all about it in this blog.

schedule 9 jan 2023
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What is a DevOps team?

"A DevOps team is a cross functional team in which all competencies are present to go from an idea to an actual implementation of an IT system."

DevOps stands for Develoment and Operations, and it combines these two departments within an organization into one team. The main goal of such a team is to improve productivity so as to create, test and deploy software faster.

What does this have to do with TMap?

DevOps teams are of great value within TMap and come in extremely handy within software testing. With DevOps teams, software is written and tested step by step. Our e-learning TMap® Quality for cross-functional teams also covers DevOps teams extensively. High-performance IT delivery will also be covered in this e-learning: this enables software testers to continuously test and improve products and processes needed to deliver value to end users. DevOps teams are an incredibly effective part of this to create, maintain and test IT systems.

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The 6 principles of DevOps

DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) is an open, global community what was founded in 2016 for developing DevOps and Agile skills. DASA has a reference framework with their six DevOps principles [DASA 2019]. These principles are the pillars of DevOps teams:


It is critical to keep customers and end users in mind when developing, testing and deploying software.

Create with the goal in mind

Within a DevOps team, the focus should be solely on conceiving, building, testing and implementing software.

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End-to-end accountability

A DevOps team is organized vertically. This means that a DevOps team is fully responsible from software conception to implementation.

Cross-functional autonomous teams

In a fully accountable team like a DevOps team, you must be fully independent throughout the software development lifecycle.

Continuous improvement

In a DevOps team, continuous improvement is a strong focus. Based on customer needs, changes in legislation or new technology that becomes available, improvements are made continuously.

Automate everything you can

Consider automation not only of the software development process but of all the work involved in software testing. Automation is synonymous with striving to innovate the way the team delivers its services.

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How does a DevOps team work?

So a DevOps team is a team of Developers and Operations who work together throughout the software lifecycle to increase the speed and quality of software implementation. In a DevOps team, software is written in small pieces, tested, verified and then implemented. This allows for continuous testing and thus continuous improvements. This in turn ensures a better end product for the end user. The frequency of implementation is also increased. Cooperation within the team also allows for a better and faster response to new wants or needs of end users or new regulations that arise in the market.

The benefits of DevOps teams

  • It increases the pace of delivering new software;
  • The software can be continuously improved;
  • The time to market is reduced;
  • More satisfied customers for the organization because more focus can be placed on innovation.

Faster and better software testing and implementation with DevOps teams

With DevOps teams, you can continuously test and improve software faster through collaboration and communication between developers and operations. This way, you deliver more value to the end users of the software. These teams are incredibly efficient for creating, testing and maintaining IT systems. Want to know all the ins and outs about this? Then our e-learning TMap® Quality for cross-functional teams is for you!

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