Everything about the process cycle test

When you test software, it is important to check that process cycles are working properly. You can do this by using a process cycle test (PCT). In this blog, we explain what a process cycle test is, when you can use it, and what to be careful of!

schedule 13 juni 2022
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What is a process cycle test?

A process cycle test, or process cycle test, is a test that is used to verify that all of the steps in a software process are executed correctly. This includes verifying that the input data is valid, the output data is correct, and that all intermediate steps are executed properly.

What do you need to perform this software test?

To perform a process cycle test, you need the following:

  • Clear understanding of the process you are testing
  • Access to the software being tested
  • Access to all relevant documentation
  • A test plan

Note! It is important to know that the test can only be used to test one process at a time.

Performing the test with a test plan

It is important that you use a test plan to perform the software test. This list should include all the steps of the process and what these steps entail. It is also important to identify any risks that may arise during testing and how you plan to address those risks.

Once you have created a test plan, you can begin testing. When you test a process cycle, it is important to pay attention to all errors that occur. Anything that comes up during the test, including unusual things and not just real errors, should be noted. If you discover errors during testing or if there are risks that were not taken into account, it is important to fix them before the software is released. Otherwise, users may experience problems when they try to use the software.

Review the results and check the risks

Have you finished testing? Then you can start looking at the results and verify that all the steps in the process were done correctly. So it is also important to check if there are any risks that were not taken into account in the test plan. Does everything look good? Then you can conclude that the process cycle is working properly.

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