The data cycle test: what is it and how do you use it?

To ensure that software functions as it should, it is important to test it in various ways. One of the software tests you can use for this is the data cycle test, also called data cycle test or CRUD testing. With this test you can test how the software behaves when the input or output is changed. Let's see what the data cycle test is and how you can perform it yourself.

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What is a data cycle test?

The data cycle test (GCT) is a software test that allows you to software tester check how software reacts when data is entered or executed.

Track down potential errors with CRUD

Data cycle testing (GCT) thus allows you to detect and correct potential errors in the input and output of data before software is put into use. The test is also sometimes called CRUD testing. CRUD is an abbreviation that stands for the four basic executions that can be performed on a database:

  • Create (or insert): Adding new data.

  • Read (or select): Querying data.

  • Update: Changing data.

  • Delete: Delete data.

CRUD testing is all about links and the way data is handled

The main purpose of data cycle testing is not to find functional errors in individual functions, but to find integration errors. Thus, CRUD testing really focuses on the coupling between different functions and how they handle common data.The GCT is most effective when the functionality of individual functions has already been sufficiently tested.

Use the CRUD matrix as a test base

You can ensure this by working with a test base. In this case, you use the most important test base for this: the CRUD matrix and a description of the applicable integrity rules. If these are not in place, it is important to prepare them so that the test design can be done in the context of the data cycle test. If you want to check the test base you can use the following checklist to do so:

- Is there a CRUD matrix in the documentation?

- Is it clear in which function(s) an entity can be entered, accessed, modified, and deleted?

- Can any entity be entered, modified, and deleted?

- Is there a description of the entities available?

- Is there an entity diagram (EntityRelation Diagram, ERD) present?

- Are the relationships between the various entities fully and unambiguously described?

- For the relationships, are the referential relationship checks also described?

Learn all about software testing

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