The benefits of e-learning when taking a test course

There are a number of significant advantages to taking an e-learning course, especially when compared to the traditional form of education. After all, physical education is completely different from training in a digital learning environment. The 5 advantages below prove that!

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What is an e-learning?

An e-learning is an online course. The 'e-' indicates that it is an electronic way of learning. An e-learning can be followed behind the computer, laptop or tablet. In fact, an e-learning can't be taken other than through a mobile device with an internet connection. Because of the emergence of COVID-19, the popularity of e-learning has increased greatly.

Types of e-learning

There are all kinds of e-learnings to choose from. From behind the desk, you have the choice to delve into a wide range of topics. Also, a software tester training can be followed using an e-learning. The e-learning conveys a lot of knowledge about software testing. After such e-learning, you can take an exam to get a certificate. An e-learning brings several advantages.

What are the advantages of an e-learning?

Taking an e-learning has a number of important advantages, if it is compared to the traditional form of education. Physical education totally different from the online version. The advantages below prove this. We list five of them for you.

Study in your own time

You follow an e-learning in your own time. Simply when it suits you. You are not tied to working days or office hours. You learn when it is convenient for you. That may also be at the weekend or in the evening. With an e-learning it is all possible!


An e-learning is more efficient than another form of education in many areas. You learn at your own pace. There is no class waiting for you. And vice versa, you never have to wait for anyone else either. You learn when it suits you and at your own pace. Is the e-learning difficult? Then you can take a little longer. The easy parts you go through faster. Handy right?

You're responsible for results

This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It all comes down to you. With an e-learning you make your own progress. Of course it is possible to complete an e-learning in a hurry. The question is whether you will learn anything by doing so. It is better to complete the e-learning with attention. That is where you will learn the most. And that at your pace, because: you decide when you learn, how you learn and how much you learn.

Unlimited Access

The e-learning is an online environment. Once you have access to that environment, in most cases you do not lose it. So you can always return to the e-learning. If you didn't understand something, you can look at it again at a later time. Whereas physical classes and lectures are given once, with e-learning you have unlimited access.

Follow it from any place

The last advantage we mention is the flexibility in terms of location. You can follow the e-learning from anywhere. An internet connection is often needed, but that is logical. After all, the e-learning is an online environment. You choose the place yourself. Wherever you are, you can always follow or revise it. And this flexibility also brings another advantage: travel time and costs do not apply. You don't have to go to a certain place. That saves money and time!

Conclusion - follow a digital (test) training!

Hopefully, by reading the above text, the advantages of an e-learning have become clear. In a nutshell, an e-learning is an online form of education that you can follow in your own time. It's efficient, you set your own pace, you have unlimited access and you can follow 'em from anywhere! Follow the e-learning TPI NEXT® Foundation & E-learning TMAP® Suite Test Engineer at Testlearning!

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